What is STREAMS?

STREAMS is the acronym for Science, Technology, Reading, Engineering, Arts, Mathematics and SUSTAINABILITY. It is important to ensure SUSTAINABILITY is at all levels of educations and innovation and more important that we recognise and respect the vast knowledge of sustainability of the First Australian’s.

What is the STREAMS Network about?

The STREAMS Network is specifically for education and cultural leaders in the science, technology and innovation space. Through the STREAMS Network you can make new connections, find new ways to collaborate on ethical and culturally sounds research and projects that aim to sustain our communities and environments.

Is there a Big Picture? 

Our purpose is:

  • To provide opportunities and linkages for Indigenous and Western sciences to collaborate on sustainable sciences.
  • To create generations of inventors, scientist and entrepreneurs that seek sustainable approaches to living on the planet.
  • To create and demonstrate positive social impact and development within science, technology and digital innovation for Indigenous communities.


FOCUS 1. Protecting and Maintaining Culture 

  • Ensure projects and programs are aligned with the community needs and aspirations.
  • Advocate for Indigenous Cultural Intellectual Property Rights, The Declaration and sustainability models such as the seven generational principles in the Great Law of the Iroquois.
  • Ensure projects and programs are built with cultural integrity and follow appropriate cultural protocols of communities we work with.

FOCUS 2. Leadership in sustainable science and innovation  practices 

  • Be a role model for Reconciliation.
  • Value and embrace Indigenous Science, Technology and Digital Innovation and encourage large organisations to do the same.
  • Respect past and future generations and spreading the word about Science, Technology and Digital Innovation.
  • Influencing our peers.
  • Support ongoing and shared development of Indigenous  Peoples in the areas of Science, Technology and Digital Innovation through the network.

FOCUS 3. Training, Employment and Business Opportunities 

  • Educate future generations about opportunities Science, Technology and Digital Innovation can provide – generate interest in long term career opportunities.
  • Raise profile of Indigenous Science, Technology and Digital Innovation as career options.
  • Provide real, progressive development and career opportunities, beyond traineeships.

FOCUS 4. Research and Project Development 

  • Collaborate on Indigenous Science, Technology and Digital Innovation research projects with stakeholders and partners.
  • Utilise our research and research of our partners to develop projects.
  • Build relationships with key stakeholders working the within Science, Technology and Digital Innovation. space.

What can I do on the STREAMS Network?
Through the network you will contribute in policy development and projects that support sustainable communities. Attend the quarterly meetings to ensure that you have a voice in the direction of the network.

The power of the new STREAMS online platform is in its ability for members to publish content in our STREAMS IQ magazine as well as to post documents, research papers, and other content to the online library. In addition, members can easily create communities around specific areas of interest and invite colleagues to join and participate in discussions with peers. 

What are the STREAMS IQ events about?
We bring together members of STREAMS Network at periodic “STREAMS IQ” networking events. The vision for these gatherings is to provide a opportunities for Indigenous western and Indigenous science professionals, environmentalist, investors and media to network get away from the tightly wound environment of the labs, the board rooms, the front offices, or the newsrooms. People who attend can expect to find good conversation, new connections, partnering and job opportunities, informative content and a beverage in their hand. 

Check the STREAMS site for Upcoming Events calendar for updates on STREAMS IQ coming near you.

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