Cracker Jack Education

Nola Turner-Jensen is a proud Wiradjuri mixed heritage Australian. Six years ago, Nola and Janelle Latcham set up Crackerjack Education. She could see the need for interactive learning that was 100% focused on Australian content and was for every student. They have created an amazing website using my skills as an Indigenous author, educator and social worker, Janelle’s expertise in Relationship Psychology along with an incredible group of Australian teachers, Elders, Aboriginal artists, bushtucker chefs and many more. They also offer accredited online PD to meet the needs of the Teaching Standards of Australia.

The information on this site has been grouped into 8 knowledge areas. Each area includes a Teaching with Aunty lesson for every primary year level. The lessons all begin with a video, ebook, game or story and are supported by detailed Teaching Notes and student worksheets. All of the lessons are correlated to the Australian Curriculum codes across a wide variety of subject areas and fully support the entire cross-curriculum priority of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Histories and Cultures.

A new amazing chapter in the Crackerjack story is to warmly welcome Blake Education to our team. Blake will distribute and market our site to educators around the country. We are excited to work with such great people who stand with us to offer an Indigenous learning environment that is fun, positive and gives teachers an authentic platform to work from.

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