Tendo Mukasa Mugerwa

Tendo is a soil microbial ecologist whose primary interest lies in the beneficial associations that root-associated microbes form with crops and whether such benefits can extend to the surrounding soil. He has over ten years’ experience conducting research on various projects investigating the benefits of applying microbial inoculums to soils and has done so at a number of leading institutions including Rhodes University, The International Institute of Tropical Agriculture and The University of Sydney. Tendo completed his PhD at The University of Sydney, investigating the ability of a wide-variety of fungal isolates to enhance levels of soil carbon. Tendo currently conducts research at The University of Sydney node of the Australian Research Council’s Centre of Excellence for Translational Photosynthesis researching photosynthesis, with the aim of increasing crop yield to address global food shortages. Tendo feels strongly about conducting research into sustainable and environmentally-friendly methods of agriculture, particularly methods that sustain our soils.  

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